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OK so I have my own opinions on Miley Cyris' sexually loaded video for her latest single release, and I read Sinead O'Connor's address to the singer with absolute admiration for the caring heads-up she offered with utter suspended judgement.  Women in the public domain are role models and for that reason are quite rightly the focus of debate.  So please don't misunderstand the point I am about to make.  Let it be clear: I am grateful for the conversation, I am simply not convinced it's the right one.



(oops...sorry if I offend)


When push comes to shove slagging off other women for objectifying themselves* (*interchangeable with any of the following: being too sexually aggressive, too submissive, too mumsy, not being maternal enough, for neglecting themselves, harping on about feminism) does not advance womens causes in anyway.  It actually does the opposite.  

Focussing on the choices of individuals undermines the role of culture and society on attitudes towards and against women.  Individualising the objectification of women does not address the pressure most of us feel to be slim and attractive.  I believe that all women have the right to do with their bodies as they wish.  If a woman wants to sexualise herself then it is her right to do so and is irrelevant to the wider objectification debate.  

Please let us celebrate each other and stick to challenging culture as a whole instead.

Xmas Sing Cover CD BABY

Hannah White's single Almost Christmas Day, as featured on the BBC Mark Forrest evening show, is avaiable to download via all major online music retailers.


Produced by Gerry Diver (of Sam Lee's Mercury nominated album 'A Ground of Its Own', and Lisa Knapp's MOJO award winning album 'A Branch of May' as well as her BBC 2 Folk award nominated album 'A Hidden Seam) this is not just another Christmas song, Almost Christmas Day has all the angst and festive folklore of the most enduring seasonal songs and true to folk tradition, tells a story that  is timeless.

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Since the release of her debut album 'Poetry' in 2009, London born singer songwriter and feminist mother of two Hannah White has collaborated with BRIT Award winner Simon Ellis, BBC 2 Folk Award winner Gerry Diver, and blues legend Roger Cotton among others.  And yet this seamingly incongruous leap from pop to folk to country/blues feels completely natural once you have heard her music and learned what this artist is all about.  Hannah White is one of the UK's true singer songwriters: committed to her lyrics and delivering them always in beautiful, melodic tones.


Hannah is actively engaged in a number of charities and is currently working on a feminist project: Fish 'n' Chips 'n' Feminism which she will be touring UK wide from August 2014.  Fish 'n' Chips 'n' Feminism is a collection of songs which offer an alternative discourse to the Happy Ever After narrative which saturates our popular culture.  Keep checking this site for further details.