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London-based Hannah White is a mother of two, and an active feminist.  Hannah has been touring her soon to be released album 'Whose Side Are You On?' in Fish 'n' Chip shops across the UK in a series of guerrilla gigs she is calling 'Fish & Chips & Feminism', with a view of sharing her incredibly personal story and starting conversation.

The album that Hannah has recorded with  producer, multi-instrumentalist and great grandson of a suffragette, Nigel Stonier (Thea Gilmore, Fairport Convention, Joan Baez) 'Whose Side Are You On?' is already attracting wider attention.  Acoustic Magazine described Hannah’s voice as “arresting” and “wholly believable”.  Gaby Roslin, on her BBC London show broke down in tears and Ben Haenow, on hearing her live performance of the title track told her she was “incredible”.

So why would Hannah be taking such a personal and important piece of work to chippies in all corners of the country to perform?  Before she had even finished in the studio, Hannah had decided that the implicitly populist and classless nature of Fish ‘n’ Chip shops: a common dining experience; was the most conducive place to invite people in to her conversation.

Through her songs Hannah is appealing for you to engage in this conversation about what it means to be a woman in a society that has stigmatised and discriminated against her for being a single mother, one that has engineered and perpetuated both her professional and financial instability and one that, in the face of all things, continues to call itself equitable and just.  

With a voice that God is in the TV called "breathtaking", 'Whose Side Are You On?' has seen Hannah embrace the eclecticism inherent in her writing, and has ensured that the album chooses its musical colours from the broadest palette - from the Euro noir of 'Beautiful Dresses' to the sly swampy dub groove of 'I See Sky' and the after-hours soul stylings of 'Tracey Emin' the journey is a colourful and diverse one, but the pivot is always Whites vocal delivery and lyrics.

Keep checking live dates for the latest news on where to hear Hannah perform. 



Whose Side Are You On?

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"A voice you will want to protect and become besotted with" - Acoustic Magazine

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Hannah's latest Album "Whose Side Are You On?" will be released this year. Click here for her other releases.