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Awards 2021 Nominee

'UK Album of the Year'

"Honest and Unflinching. An emotional rollercoaster ride that never lets up"

W21 Music, UK

"A timeless classic"

 Folk and Tumble, UK

"Bruises and aches in true country fashion"

 For Folks Sake, UK

"A Scandinavian UK-Americana miracle that beguiles the heart and soul. Touching words and excellent voice almost tear your heart apart. Already talking song of the year" 

Roadtracks Magazin, GERMANY

"One of the best albums of the year.


 2ser Radio, AUSTRALIA

"The restraint, the range, the softness, the clarity, the levels all appropriately placed in delivering this masterpiece"

 Fatea Magazine, UK

"Cutting and powerful.

A modern day Pete Seeger"

 Phoenix Radio, AUSTRALIA