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"Cutting and powerful.  A modern day Pete Seeger" -Phoenix Radio, AUSTRALIA

"The restraint, the range, the softness, the clarity, the levels...a masterpiece"

Fatea Magazine, UK

"A timeless classic"

Folk and Tumble, UK

"Honest and Unflinching. An emotional rollercoaster ride that never lets up"

W21 Music, UK

"A voice that quavers. A crescendo of hope"

Your Life In A Song, UK

"A voice which is felt, from punchy and striking to caressing "

La Cri Du Coyote, FRANCE

"Arresting and wholly believable. A voice you will want to protect and become besotted with"

Acoustic Magazine, UK

"Bruises and aches in true country fashion"

For Folks Sake, UK

"A collection of modern day gems which leave you feeling like they have always been part of your life"

Rootsy Music, SWEDEN

"One of the best Americana albums of 2020"

Musikk Nyheter, NORWAY

"A Scandinavian UK-Americana miracle that beguiles the heart and soul. Touching words and excellent voice almost tear your heart apart" 

Roadtracks Magazin, GERMANY

"Simply stunning"

Gaby Roslin, BBC Radio London

"The Amy Winehouse of UK Americana"

Country People Magazine

"Cutting and powerful. A modern day Pete Seeger"

Phoenix Radio, AUSTRALIA

"One of the best albums of the year. Fan-fucking-tastic"

2ser Radio, AUSTR

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